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For many years Senscot Legal has provided support and advice at affordable rates to the wider third sector in Scotland. Due to changes in the sector the organisation had to recently close its doors but their expertise hasn’t been lost, as former lead at Senscot Legal Karina Macleod has founded a new social enterprise called … Read more

Community Enterprise in Scotland

Having built up a reputation as a trusted organisation with nearly 40 years’ experience, CEIS want to drive to embed social enterprise in the heart of the Scottish economy alongside the Scottish Government and other vital partners. They currently have an exciting opportunity for board members, as well as a Chair, Vice-chair and Treasurer to … Read more

Edinburgh Social Enterprise

There is currently an exciting opportunity to help guide both the present and future of Edinburgh Social Enterprise by being co-opted onto the board.  Current board member Andy Jack of Link Group explains why he joined, ‘Social enterprises have an enormous role to play in meeting the socio-economic and environmental challenges that we face and … Read more

Unsung Heroes

Volunteers are often described as unsung heroes.  If that is the case, then trustees must surely be the unsung heroes of the volunteering world!  Rarely seen and seldom acknowledged, trustees are the glue holding charities together – keeping them safe, legal, compliant and financially solvent.  Whether a massive national charity or a small community group, … Read more